Yadier Molina Leaves Crackers For Brother Jose On Home Plate

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Is this the source of the Molina catching prowess? Crackers?

Yadier Molina is on the disabled list after thumb surgery, but he was still hanging around while his Cardinals played his brother's Tampa Bay Rays. Jose was behind the plate tonight and in between innings, Yadier had third base coach Jose Oquendo drop off some crackers for his brother. On his way to third base between innings, Oquendo left the crackers right on home plate before continuing on to his post. Molina picked up the crackers and kept them in his back pocket during the inning.

Yadier seems to be yucking it up with his teammates so is this some kind of brotherly insult? Or maybe it's just the natural reaction to seeing a guy call a baseball game with crackers sticking out of his butt.