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You thought ESPN had some trouble last year with their fantasy games? Yahoo had a major disaster of its own last night, at the worst possible time.

Our mailbox has been flooded all morning with complaint emails from Yahoo fantasy players who drafted last night only to receive the following message this morning:

Unfortunately, due to server problems, your draft was not able to be run as scheduled. Since we know how important participating in a live draft can be, and how many users can only do that on a specific day at a specific time, we felt it important to try and accommodate those preferences. So, rather than having your league Autopicked, we left it undrafted and set up a new live draft for Sep 5 18:30.


Well, jeez, thanks for not autopicking it, Yahoo! Considering the season starts tomorrow, it's a mistake of the highest order to screw up a draft right now. So if you drafted in a Yahoo league last night, we hope you remember who you drafted. Otherwise, you're up shit creek.

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