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Yankees Ground Crew Struggles To Get Tarp On Field During Driving Rain

After some very nearby flashes of lightning, the skies opened and dumped a whole mess of rain on the Bronx tonight. The Yankees ground crew struggled mightily to get the tarp on the field as the rain kept pouring and accumulating on the tarp, and the wind kept whipping. This wasn't a momentary delay, like a guy slipped while trying to pull the tarp. We're talking a 14-minutes-to-cover-the-now-soaked-infield struggle.


They eventually did get the tarp on the field but the damage was done. Now that the rain stopped, the field is still a mess and they are dumping a ton of drying agent on the infield, hoping to get the field playable tonight.

Update: After a whole lot of standing around on a seemingly dry, but likely deceptively slippery field, it's raining again and the tarp is going back on the field. In the meantime, the texas bullpen just got shorter for the night:

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