Yankees-Red Sox Rivalry Jumps Shark, Lands In Madness

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Sometime in the not-so-distant future, when all the oil and electricity is gone, global warming takes a firm hold and mankind is left to fend for itself in a feral state, I would expect scenes such as the following to occur with frequency. But not yet. For the love of God, not yet. As you might have read, on Saturday a woman plowed into a group of Red Sox fans with her car, killing one, reportedly because she was being taunted for being a Yankees' fan.

According to authorities, Ivonne Hernandez had gotten into a fight with another woman in the parking lot of a Nashua, N.H. bar. As she was leaving, the other woman and the group she was with — all Red Sox fans — noticed that Hernandez had a Yankees sticker on her car. They began taunting her, yelling "Yankees suck!," prompting Hernandez to turn her 1997 Dodge Intrepid toward the group. She accelerated and slammed into a 29-year-old man, Matthew Beaudoin, killing him.

"I want her to rot in a cold jail cell for the rest of her life and remember every day the face that hit her windshield," Faith Beaudoin, the victim's sister, said in a phone interview. "I want her to remember that she took a wonderful, kind-hearted gentleman. She has children of her own. How could she want to harm another's child?"


Hernandez, a 43-year-old mother from Nashua, was arrested at the scene. Amazingly, alcohol seems to have been involved. And here's the mug shot you've all been waiting for. Form an orderly line, fellers.

Here's a tribute to the late Red Sox fan.

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