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Yasiel Puig Goof Becomes Yasiel Puig Highlight Via One Bazooka Outfield Assist

When Freddie Freeman saw his third-inning liner to right-center squirt away from the glove of Reds outfielder Yasiel Puig and toward the warning track Thursday night, he made the perfectly sensible decision to chug his way to second base. That’s a sound, heady base-running decision, which is why it seems almost cosmically unfair that Freeman was gunned down by an absolutely monstrous throw from Puig:

No! Dammit, Puig is the one who screwed up, here! It’s simply not right that Freeman is the one who wound up trudging back to the dugout in frustration. Knowing you have a cannon for an arm has got to be an incredibly powerful feeling for baseball outfielders. If I were Puig, I would boot routine plays on purpose just for the excuse to uncork a missile like this on some poor opportunistic sucker. Denied!

Staff Writer, Deadspin

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