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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Yasiel Puig Hits Monster Home Run, Follows With Wonderful Bat Flip

In the fourth inning tonight in Miami, Yasiel Puig blasted a towering three-run homer to left-center, giving the Dodgers a 6-2 lead and Bill Plaschke a fainting spell. You see, Yasiel flipped his bat after his swing, signifying one of two things, depending on how many feet you have in the grave. It was either enjoyment of a job well done (zero feet in the grave), or disdain for all that is sacred in baseball and therefore life (any number of feet in the grave greater than zero).


That was a helluva home run. A no-doubter that even the most strident grump couldn't object to with the usual well, he could have cost his team if it stayed in the park.


Do you know who had one of the greatest batflips I've ever seen? Bernie Williams. No one ever said a bad word about Bernie Williams and he was always well-regarded among players and the media, people even would refer to him as "classy."

Look at that thing; it's beautiful, man. He even breaks it down into a trot and peeks into the dugout. I'm not sure what's happened in the time between Bernie Williams in 1996 and our current state of hatin' on the youngin's, but guys have alway revelled in doing shit well. Let's hope this isn't something people are talking about tomorrow on The Sports Reporters or something.

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