Yasiel Puig scored from second on a potential around-the-horn double play last night with his ridiculous speed and an acrobatic slide into home plate. Hanley Ramirez hits a ball sharply to third and Luis Valbuena fires to second, as Puig bolts for third. As the ball makes its way around to first, the throw is a high and wide, as Puig just keeps on motoring. He slides wide of the plate, trying to swipe it with his hand, but pulls it back as Wellington Castillo tries to apply the tag. Once past the plate, he scrambles back and eludes Castillo again.

It's a close play, and in the various angles shown it's hard to tell if Puig's left hand hit Castillo's glove on the second try, but the umpires reviewed it and ruled him safe. Regardless, that it's even close is remarkable and he's has flashed this kind of speed and daring often. A month into his Major League career he turned a single into a double and later scored from second on a bobbled groundout to first.