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The year is almost over. All the magazines are doing year-in-review type stuff, so we figured, why should we be any different? Therefore, for the next 12 days, we will be looking back on each month on the calendar, pointing out the weird/important/amusing stuffs that happened that month. If you have suggestions as for stories you want to make sure we don't miss, let us know at

October 3: Bears quarterback Kyle Orton discovers a new way to audible, with his friends Jack and Daniel.
October 5: Hockey returns! Hello? Hello? Anyone there?
October 6: John Skipper is named the new head of content at ESPN. He is universally welcomed and admired, save for his occasional tendency to hit employees over the head with his hat.
October 6: To celebrate Skipper's appointment, the Minnesota Vikings have themselves a little boat party.
October 12: The world learns of the legend that is Doug Eddings.
October 18: We visit the set of "Quite Frankly" and actually make it on television. More people saw us at our uncle's house on Christmas.
October 26: The White Sox win the World Series, and Ozzie Guillen celebrates by making out with everyone in sight.