Your morning roundup for Jan. 3, the day we learned cops don't like giving weed back. Photo via Mocksession. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors.


What we watched: College football. Lots of it. Wisconsin QB Russell Wilson and Stanford wizard Andrew Luck were viciously pancaked on multiple occasions well after releasing the ball. Of course, because it's college football and we enjoy pretending that concussions and player safety only apply to the NFL, there were no flags and no outrage. All in the name of meaningless bowl games.


What we're watching (all times EST, unless noted): Liverpool at Manchester City in Premier League Soccer at 2:55 (ESPN2). Michigan State at Wisconsin (ESPN2) and Louisville at St. John's (ESPNU) in men's college basketball at 7. Atlanta at Chicago in NBA basketball at 8 (NBATV). Detroit at Dallas in NHL hockey at 8 (NBCSN). Michigan vs. Virginia Tech in the Sugar Bowl at 8:30 (ESPN). Alabama at Georgia Tech in men's college basketball at 9 (ESPNU). Houston at Los Los Angeles Lakers in NBA basketball at 10:30 (NBATV).

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The perils of a couple trying to make it as soft-core pornographers: "Why start an erotica magazine at a time when porn magazines were rapidly losing money? Both Jonathan and Danielle expressed a desire to showcase an aesthetic they felt was missing from mainstream adult magazines. 'Our girls are much different than what Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler are offering,' Danielle said. 'Those girls that they're showcasing, I could easily hop on my computer and get millions and millions of pictures that are those girls. I would like to think our girls are different. They're curvy and not airbrushed. I feel like this is filling a gap that does not exist right now.' The Leders started their magazine in Williamsburg and tried to recruit women in the neighborhood to pose. The inaugural issue was 'awful,' in Danielle's mind, riddled with spelling errors and printing problems. But subsequent releases improved on quality, and the magazine started gaining notice. Major chain bookstores had begun adding Jacques to their newsstands. A deal was struck with PowerHouse Books to put together a calendar for a 2011 release. Then things began to fall apart." [Brooklyn Ink]


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Jan. 3, 2011: Happy New Year: There Is An American Ryder Cup Captain's Dick Shot For Sale



Correcting improper Tebowing: "One knee should be down. Arms shouldn't be in that sort of meditative pose. If honoring a god, it doesn't appear to be the Christian one." [Bad At Tebowing]

Well, this is confusing: "The Kings maintain that DeMarcus Cousins demanded to be traded. Cousins maintains that didn't happen. Neither side is budging on its claim following a meeting Monday involving Cousins, his agent, John Greig, and Kings basketball president Geoff Petrie. After the meeting, Petrie decided Cousins would join the Kings on their flight for tonight's game against Memphis. Cousins was sent home by coach Paul Westphal before Sunday's game against New Orleans." [Sacramento Bee]


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Let the trash talking begin: "Justin Tuck may not hate the Atlanta Falcons the way he hates the Dallas Cowboys, but he already has a strong dislike for their offensive line. Tuck fired the first shot of wild-card week on Monday when he called the Falcons' line 'dirtbags' and acknowledged their well-earned reputation for dirty play. Twice this season opponents have ripped into the Atlanta line for 'cheap' and dangerous tactics. And Tuck said the Giants' defensive lineman will be watching out for that during their playoff game at the Meadowlands on Sunday afternoon. 'Yeah we've seen it. We know they have that quote-unquote 'reputation,'' Tuck told reporters, one day after the Giants' clinched the NFC East championship with a 31-14 win over the Cowboys. 'Most people, you would call them dirt bags. But it is what it is. We got to make sure we do our job and if we are doing our job well. Then they will be upset and they will be trying to do things to get us off our game, and we've got to take that as a compliment.'" [NY Daily News, via PFT]


The new and improved Vicente Padilla: ""There was Vicente Padilla, erect, proud, shining, and solid. Oh, how exquisite! Without a doubt, all of us who had the opportunity to see the hurler from Chinandega on the hill at Estadio Roque Tadeo Zevala in Granada enjoyed this superb outing, in which his fastball reached up to 95 mph. And although he left without earning a decision in los Tigres' 2-1 victory over los Orientales, due to a home run to Roland Garth with Adolfo Matamoros on base in the ninth inning, those seven innings from Padilla were captivating-a true wonder. Evidence of his ferocity remained imprinted in the hand of catcher Luani Sánchez, who skillfully handled the repertoire of the Nicaraguan who, according to sources, could be wearing a Miami Marlins uniform in next year's big league season. Is it true that you're ending up with the Marlins? 'Maybe,' said the Nicaraguan with a smile. 'I feel very good, you saw how I pitched, and you can get an idea of the shape I'm in,' offered Padilla, who continues showing signs of a great change in the way he deals with the press. He was a total gentleman." [El Nuevo Diario, via Hardball Talk]

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