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Yes, You Did See Don Nelson At The Oscars

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To answer your question, yes, we did watch the Oscars last night, and since we think Crash is aggressively awful, we weren't going to bring it up today.

Until we got this email: If anyone TIVO'd the Oscars, go to :05 into the show and a close-up of George Clooney cheering the intro of John Stewart. Right behind Clooney in the frame (2 rows behind) is none other than Don Nelson......Nellie in the A-list seats at the Oscars!!!!! No longer coaching the Mavs..........but hanging out with the stars!!!! If you get the freeze-frame, it will be obvious.


And then we remembered: Hey, we did see former Mavericks coach Don Nelson in the audience. But had we imagined that? What the hell was Don Nelson doing there?

Turns out: He really was there, as a guest of actor (and Butterscotch Stallion) Owen Wilson.

We can't tell you what a relief it was to learn Nellie was actually there. We really were starting to think we were insane. Anybody have it recorded? We'd love to see screenshots.

No Oscars And The Mavs, Lost Weekend [Dallas Blog]

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