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Yet Another Miami Sorority Formal Ends In Drunken, Pukey Anarchy

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The Fightin' Zeta Tau Alphas of Miami University became the third sorority at the Ohio school to be placed on probation this semester after a night of messy, over-served lunacy. At the zoo, of all places. Those poor animals.

Actually, the worst of it happened on the ride home when the driver of the limousine-bus that was ferrying the drunken schoolgirls home from a party at the Cincinnati Zoo, pulled over at a gas station and refused to continue the trip. The riders were harassing him so much, he had to wake the owner of the limo company in the middle of the night to come and rescue him. When the owner arrived he found the driver being chased around the parking lot by the ladies' gentleman callers.

"There was trash and vomit throughout the entire bus. Passengers were unruly and disrespectful and had no regard for the driver, who in turn, refused to continue the return trip," said a Miami University report obtained by The Enquirer. [...]

"That sorority is definitely not welcome back," said Mike McKinney, whose company owns 60 vehicles and has operated for 12 years. "They have no regard whatsoever. It's just gotten out of control. We do college groups all the time. We do a lot of different types of events. Never have we been treated so badly by anyone as we are by Miami students."

Things got so bad April 23 that McKinney said he instructed his driver to pull the bus over at a Shell gas station at Mitchell and Vine Streets in North Avondale and order the students out.

"They were calling him a (derogatory homosexual slur) and poking him in the back of the head," McKinney said. He described some of the behavior on the bus that prompted his driver to call him and get him out of bed. McKinney said he called police and beat them to the scene.

"Some of the guys were chasing the driver around in the parking lot. I got up on the bus and said, 'I want everyone off my (expletive) bus now,'" McKinney said.


Yes, it's been a fine year for higher education. The sorority has been placed on probation by the school and the national chapter although their antics, while impressive, still come in a distant third to the Alpha Xi Deltas and Pi Beta Phis. Thankfully, no zoo monkeys were harmed in the making of this story.

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