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Yet Another Way ESPN Makes You Gassy

You thought your life was caused enough pain every time you went to the gas station these days? (We still don't have a car, but it makes our heart ache every time we even look at a gas station anymore.) Well, it's about to grow far, far worse: Now, at certain gas stops, you're gonna have to hear ruminations on the relative temperature of the flip side of your pillow.

Gas Station TV, based in Oak Park, Mich., has already mounted 1,000 screens in Atlanta, Dallas and Houston and plans to expand to New York, Chicago and Los Angeles next month. GSTV will add more cities and hopes to have 6,000 screens up this year. Anybody filling up SUVs might see a repeat because the programming at the pumps lasts only 4 1/2 minutes. The programming will include content from ABC News as well as ESPN.


We supposed this was inevitable; vertical integration can expand limitlessly. Soon, we're gonna have ESPN-branded petrol, you watch.

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