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You Can Buy A Piece Of Furniture Usain Bolt Maybe Sat On

The 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland, ended on August 3, and just like every other international sporting event, the question now is what to do with the massive amount of surplus stuff. So organizers decided to sell it to you, dear fan, at prices that aren't going to last!!!

Inside the Games reports that 300,000 pieces of "memorabilia," including massage tables, couches, and sundry life essentials used by athletes in the Games' athlete village for less than two weeks are up for sale in Nottingham right now. Prices range from not-that-bad to seven-goddam-pounds-for-a-door-hook.


"We have an amazing array of bits and bobs from the Commonwealth Games on sale," said Leftover Solutions operations manager/Scottish caricature Paul Levin.

More than 200,000 pieces were sold directly from Glasgow before the salvage company carted the rest off. You can see the full product listing online here, but in the interest of saving time, it looks a lot like the furniture popular on military bases.

Really, the stuff is more useful for young families than it is for Commonwealth fans. But the idea that Usain Bolt may have possibly flopped into this chair for the five minutes he was at the Games must make some collectors salivate. What if that ass print and acrid scent of dried sweat came from the self-described "most naturally gifted athlete the world has ever seen"? It's enough to make them shout for joy into a gently-used megaphone.

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