You Can't Fight The Mud Slip N' Slide And Win

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The USA Cyclocross National Championships are this week and weekend in Hartford, CT. Hartford is a perfect place to host such an event, since cyclocross races are best when they’re muddy, chaotic messes. The temperature is not supposed to rise much above freezing while this week’s racing is going on, and the course designer even said, “We want to tread that line between it being really dangerous and really fun.”

What that means in practical terms is that there’s a mud Slip N’ Slide on the course. Please enjoy the racers in the 50-59 men’s race struggle to navigate the descent.


The decade-younger bunch navigated it far better, aside from the poor schmuck who ended up crotch-first into a pole.


Unfortunately, the course appears to have dried out a bit. Let’s hope it rains some before mighty Jeremy Powers and the rest of the elite racers shred it.