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You Can't Park That There

Moises Alou would have caught that: Wrigley Field has a little trouble with its Zamboni. Of course it did. [NBC Chicago]

What's in a name?: King Cannon, Storm Warren, Chief Kickingstallionsims (huh?) and other college basketball players whose names kick way more ass than yours. [Storming The Floor]


Never used, like new: What's wrong with Colorado letting Colorado State use their practice facility? Don't you think someone should take the wrapper off it? [Slushy Gutter]

You are looking live: What's it like to be a live sports technical director? You mean Joe Buck isn't the one calling the shots in the booth? [Sports On The Air]

That's not helping: The Jake Peavy trade negotiations explained through chess. Great, now I'm even more confused. [Mouthpiece]

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