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You Could Set Your Clock By ESPN Blogs, But Your Clock Would Be Extremely Wrong

Hey, so here's a question: Whatever happened with ESPN's big sports blog initiative?


Initially, it was supposed to be out in September ... and then October ... and now we're halfway through November, and still no sight of them. Sure, they kind of launched MyESPN, but, uh, not really, and we're not sure what that is anyway.

We don't mean to be critical; we know how difficult if can be to put together the technology to start a blog. We're sure the months of work that went into planning and organizing this thing and having to sit around as launch is delayed two months .... we're sure this is in no way is proving infuriating to people over there.

But settle, everyone: Building a foundation for the MySpace of sports is not so simple. We mean, there's tons of, er, coding, and, uh ... all right, why hasn't this thing launched again? We want to reserve


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