PR people are stupid. Not all of them, just some of them. Like this person, who just sent this pitch into our tips box multiple times for a Valentine's Day tie-in. Because they are dumb.


Hi There,

I've got an idea for a quirky Valentine's Day story I thought you might be interested in. Folks are obviously not willing to fork out as much money this year, but they can still show their sweethearts a little TLC by spending good quality time together. And with statistics showing that year over year more and more females are picking up videogame's it seems that perhaps a good quality date might be to stay in and share some time playing a game together.

We took a poll of the best games to play with your sweetheart on Valentine's Day and here's what we found.

Top 10 Games to play with your Valentine:

1. The Beatles: Rock Band – What's better than busting out "I Want To Hold Your Hand" with your true love?


2. Mario Kart – Mario, Luigi and good ‘ol fashion racing competition – she'll dig it and maybe even beat you at it!

3. Grand Theft Auto (series) – Let your innocent darling transform into your bad girl fantasy as she takes on the role of a hardened criminal!


4. Super Smash Bros. Brawl – In a tense relationship? Release the aggression by taking out your sweetheart in this free-for-all. Once you get it all out there'll be nothing left but time for cuddling

5. Resident Evil 5 – Zombies, guns and a creepy village! Nothing better than getting a little back up from your sweetie!


6. Dragonica Online – Not ready to settle down in real life? Show your sweetie you're not afraid of commitment and tie the knot virtually in this fun, free-to-play online game full of fantasy and adventures!

7. bittos+- Nothing like doing a good puzzle with your mate, can't afford diamonds? Give her all the diamonds in the world in this puzzler!


8. Fairytale Fights – Let your shnookems hack n' slash you all night in the shoes of a sick and twisted Little Red Riding Hood or Snow White!

9. Dance Dance Revolution – The best way to get a private dance from your mate and a great workout all at the same time!


10. A Perfect Massage – After a long gaming session with your significant other, why not settle down for a nice massage session using nothing, but this software and your XBOX 360 controller!

Would love to talk to you more about a possible Valentine's Day story stemming off of this… I'm here if you want to chat.
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