On Tuesday, Darrelle Revis was late to work, so Bill Belichick sent him home—or at least held him out of practice. It wasn't exactly clear. In his first time meeting with the media since then, Belichick was not about to make things any clearer.

Reporter: "Bill, what is your version of what happened with Darrelle Revis on Tuesday?"

Belichick: "Anything between me and a player is between myself and the players."

Reporter: "You sent him home, is that correct?"

Belichick: "I didn't say that."

Reporter: "But, he was here and ... "

Belichick: "I'm ready to talk about the Bears. Anything else is between myself and the players."

Reporter: "Will his playing time on Sunday be impacted in any way based on that?"

Belichick: "The Bears are really a good team. I think they are going to be a tough matchup for us. We are going to do the best we can to match up against them."

On to Cincinnati. Metaphorically.