Tennessee center Josh McNeil has a history of problems with alcohol, including a public intoxication and underage drinking charge that kept him out of five spring practices, quite the punishment. But after an incident this weekend, we now know the truth: Josh McNeil doesn't have an alcohol problem ... he has an alcohol gift!

After a possible burglary at McNeil's apartment, campus police found ... three women in his bed.

UT center Josh McNeil was quizzed by police about a broken window at his apartment and the three intoxicated women in his bed. McNeil, a junior from Collins, Miss., was not charged by police investigating reports of a burglary at McNeil's apartment, but his three female visitors didn't fare as well. The three women were charged with underage consumption of an alcoholic beverage.

We are so tired of the police accosting perfectly innocent, hammered athletes when they're simply trying to have a foursome in their dorm rooms. What country are we supposed to be living in? This is America, goddammit!

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