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You Know, Bonds Is Gonna Look Like This In A Few Years

We don't mean to be crude here, but heavens to Betsy: This woman is going to live on in our nightmares.

Her name is Lora Ottenad, a name that will in no way bring her derision, is the 2006 Women's NPC National Champion, having just won the title in Miami. She's a Seattle native and bench presses 315 pounds, squats 500 and curls 150. Sadly, she cannot beat the Rev. Pat Robertson in the leg press, topping out at 1,800 pounds, 200 short of his record.


According to Sports Business Solutions, Ottenad's victory in Miami "ushers in a new era where muscularity is back, and after what seemed to be an assault on the very idea that women can and for contest purposes should have cut large muscles." We're so glad muscularity is back in the world of bodybuilding. Really. We totally are.

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