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You More Or Less Walk With A Limp

Who should we sleep with, Terry? Women like you? Your age? Our age? We don't. You know why? 'Cause younger women are nice. You take them out, and they're actually grateful. "Oh look, a steak. Yummy." You go for a walk after dinner, the air smells nice, they say, "Thank you. This was nice. This was fun. You're funny. Tee-hee-hee." What should we do, Terry? Settle down and marry some pissed-off thing like you? We'd rather have someone come over and do dental work, every day, from our backside, up ... through our ass!

If you dial her number 10 times a day then hang up, then you're ready to be a Deadspin advertiser. Click here to find out how.


• Nokia
• Old Spice
• Reebok
• Absolut
• SV Supreme Vodka
• Rockport

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