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Four days ago, we might have been impressed by Mike Flynt, a 59-year-old man who lived his dream by playing a college football game over the weekend. But we are now in the age of Vinny.


For the record, Flynt, only 16 years older than Vinny, got some legitimate minutes for Sul Ross State this weekend.

[Flynt] trotted on the field as a collegian for the first time since 1971. Flynt appeared in 9 plays, coming in as a blocker during kicking situations.
Most importantly, he was on the offensive line blocking for Sul Ross's last play - a 41-yard field goal that gave the Lobos a 45-42 triple-OT victory over Texas Lutheran.


Yeah, well, whatever: Vinny knew, like, three players this week, and his team still won on the road. And he'll be doing when he's 59 too. Shit, he'll probably be blocking on field goals.

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