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You Should Let Joey Porter Pick Your Lottery Numbers

• Miami at New England: Last week, Joey Porter did Joey Porter things, as he completely emasculated Pats QB Matt Cassell in front of the media. Joey must have said his prayers, because God did not smite him by having Cassell put up a monster day. Quite the opposite, actually. Tom Brady's replacement was very ordinary against the 'Fins, and his Pats' already dim hopes of yet another perfect regular season just went down in flames against the 'Fins. 38-13 is the final. Ronnie Brown finished with four rushing touchdowns, threw for a TD, and rushed for 113 yards. Not a bad day at the office at all. • Texans at Titans: Play long enough and you're bound to break some records. Kerry Collins became the 15th QB in NFL history with 35,000 yards passing in his career. The milestone happened on a 17-yard pass to Justin McCareins in the second quarter. The Titans beat Houston with relative ease. 31-12 is your final. • Chiefs at Falcons: Courtesy of ProFootballTalk comes this juicy little rumor:

Jay Glazer of FOX reports that the Kansas City Chiefs called the Browns this week to inquire about the availability of quarterback Brady Quinn. The Browns declined to discuss the possibility.


Do with that information what you will. Atlanta is putting the finishing touches on the butt-whupping they've been administering to Kansas City all afternoon, leading by a couple of touchdowns late in the fourth. • Cardinals at Redskins:The 'Skins won 24-17, and I have it on good authority that KOGOD's heart stopped beating at various times throughout the game. Jason Campbell was solid, throwing for just under 200 yards and a couple of TD's. Could you imagine if the Cards had started the season 3-0? Perish the thought. • Overtime affairs: Both the Bucs/Bears and Bengals/Giants games are headed to the fifth quarter. Giddy up. The 4 O'clock games get under way momentarily...

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