Robert Flores, ESPN's live afternoon SportsCenter man, fell victim to the WWL's deadly live television format and stumbled over his words while relaying the Saints/Vikings rundown. (wasn't that bad. Well, he didn't fart. ) Instead of "176 punt return yards" it came out "176 punt retard", which is probably a common mistake when you're trapped in a highlight trance for five hours. Based on his boneheaded performance last night, it's also a fitting nickname for Vikings punter Chris Kluwe.Flores catches his slip-up early though and his voice quickly takes on the regretful tone of a man who just said "retard" on live television. Remember — that's a word that is not welcome at the WWL in any context even if it's 100% accurate. Let's hope that Charlie Weis didn't see this or Norby and company could once again be the recipients of a strongly-worded letter. Robert Flores' unfortunate slip up on SportsCenter [Awful Announcing]