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You Try To Say "176 Punt Return Yards" 12 Times Per Day And See What Comes Out of Your Mouth

Robert Flores, ESPN's live afternoon SportsCenter man, fell victim to the WWL's deadly live television format and stumbled over his words while relaying the Saints/Vikings rundown. (wasn't that bad. Well, he didn't fart. ) Instead of "176 punt return yards" it came out "176 punt retard", which is probably a common mistake when you're trapped in a highlight trance for five hours. Based on his boneheaded performance last night, it's also a fitting nickname for Vikings punter Chris Kluwe.Flores catches his slip-up early though and his voice quickly takes on the regretful tone of a man who just said "retard" on live television. Remember — that's a word that is not welcome at the WWL in any context even if it's 100% accurate. Let's hope that Charlie Weis didn't see this or Norby and company could once again be the recipients of a strongly-worded letter. Robert Flores' unfortunate slip up on SportsCenter [Awful Announcing]


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