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You Will Never Be As Good At Anything As Barcelona's 12-Year-Olds Are At Soccer

While the rest of the soccer world was getting injured on the international break, the little tots of Barcelona’s Alevin A squared off with their counterparts in Madrid for an incredibly entertaining Mini-Clasico. The Blaugranitas won 2-0 in the final of the Mediterranean International Cup, and produced some pretty damn good goals in the process. Watch the above highlights, and marvel at their skill (and also that great save Lil’ Casillas makes at 0:48).

“Wait a second,” you might say. “These are just a bunch of 12-year-olds, what highlights can they truly create?” Well.


It’s remarkable how coordinated they are at an age where I could barely ride my bike. Also, it’s not like Barça has cornered the market on unbelievably skilled tykes. Look at this pipsqueak from Espanyol’s thunderous shot to the corner against Barcelona.

One of the best young players in the Barça system is apparently little Xavi Quentin Simons, who just moved up from Alevin A. Does that mean we can’t watch his highlights? No, I make the rules of this blog.

I think they’ll be set for a while.

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