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You Will Never Think Of The Drew Brothers The Same Way Again

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I've heard of Star Trek slash fiction, and Starsky & Hutch ... even Harry Potter. But baseball's Drew brothers? Why, Jesus? No, I don't have all the answers. But I would like to point out that the author at Live Journal is not twisted and sick, as one might expect. He's just a misunderstood artist trying to find his voice in a world that doesn't take fiction seriously. This anonymous fabulist has the same dreams as a young Hemingway or Steinbeck: To get a story into print. Well, that, and to have sloppy, primitive sex with a Drew brother.

"Mom and Dad are just behind me," J.D. warned softly when they parted again, "but we'll steal some time soon, I promise". Stephen nodded, turning his face into J.D.'s caressing hand and kissing the palm ...

"Now, you want a hand with all this," J.D. asked, gesturing at the piles of clothes, and Stephen grinned and nodded, bending to grab one heap. J.D. grabbed another heap, and they chatted about Stephen's classes as they headed to the laundry room. Despite knowing that their parents might only be a few minutes out, Stephen boosted himself onto the washer once he had started the first load, pulling J.D. close and kissing him again, wrapping his legs around the outfielder's waist.


That's just about the tamest passage I could find in this entry, "His Not-So-Little Brother." And Here are more entries, which may or may not involve Cardinals' bench coach Joe Pettini. As opposed to classic slash fiction that began in the early 1970s with Star Trek characters, slash fiction involving real people, or Realslash, is relatively rare. How people decided to involve the Drew brothers is beyond me. But it's clear that, to the writer, this is all too real. For every graphic sex scene, there's a tender moment in which J.D. and Stephen are just holding hands, watching the sunset. What's going on in the writer's head? Holy crap. Help me, Dee Mirich! Drew Brothers Slash Fiction [Live Journal]