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I know we keep harping on this. But Hub fans keep doing stuff like running out and buying a guy's jersey just because he's "scrappy."


No, really; someone said that. The manager at the Patriots pro shop actually said scrappy, a term we thought was reserved for stereotyped fictional characters making fun of Pats fans, and Peter King.

Woodhead is one of those scrappy, hard-working players that appeals to New Englanders," said Periello. "People love this guy. His T-shirts and jerseys are popular with kids, men and women, blue-collar and white-collar customers."


Why, at many New England outlets, the Woodhead jersey is even outselling those perennial best-sellers: white quarterback Tom Brady and white wide receiver Wes Welker.

As SportsGrid points out, why not surprising rookie TE Aaron Hernandez, a player who's actually from New England? That last name a little too ethnic? I guess that's what ended the love-in for Julian Edelman.

Whatever. Woodhead's scrappy. Whatever sells second-string running back jerseys to attractive (for Boston) girls like the one in the Herald article.

Danny Woodhead gives QB & company run for their money [Boston Herald]

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