Miazga was born and raised in New Jersey, but because his parents were Polish immigrants and he has citizenship in Poland, he had the option of choosing between the Polish and American national teams. Luckily, Miazga was cap-tied to the USMNT in a World Cup qualifier last year, kicking off what is sure to be an illustrious international career.


Because he represents the Stars and Stripes, and because of his potential—as my colleague Patrick Redford described him in the post above, “Miazga is 6’4” and mobile, but it’s his ability to read the game that makes him such an enticing prospect. That and his aerial ability make him the type of player who, if he fulfills his potential that is, could become another cornerstone of the USMNT.”—we’re expecting great things, and sooner rather than later.

Chelsea’s current center backs are John Terry, the benched and reportedly unsettled and maybe not all that great anyway Gary Cahill, and the young and promising but all over the place Kurt Zouma. Judging (okay, okay: hoping) by what we know about the soon-to-be-great Miazga, these players shouldn’t offer much of a challenge. He could very well (okay, okay: under only the most fortuitous of circumstances) beat out all those guys and become a building block in central defense for Chelsea as soon as next season. Miazga might not have cost much—reports put the transfer fee at about €3 million—but there’s every indication that he’s (uh, possibly) an absolute steal.

Which has to have Chelsea fans giddy with excitement, right? Let’s check the British papers to see what they’re saying across the pond:


Hmm. Maybe the “unknown” bit is a tad harsh and the article itself recognizes Miazga’s future prowess?

Chelsea supporters will no doubt be worried by the direction their club are heading in, following the botched summer transfer window that saw central defender Papy Djilobodji, Falcao and Baba Rahman all signed.


Sources involved in Major League Soccer are shocked that Chelsea are signing Miazga, who they believe falls well short of the quality required by the Premier League champions.

Chelsea had been considered one of the best operators in the transfer market after the summer business of 2014 that saw Cesc Fabregas and Diego Costa join the club.

But that reputation is now under threat, as Chelsea continue to take gambles on players with questionable pedigrees for a Champions League club.


Man, fuck that noise. Miazga’s the truth, the Brits just don’t know it yet. Go over there and earn your respect, Matt. We have faith in you.

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