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The nation's paper of record did a terrifying feature about the downside of being a high profile college quarterback and the deadly pitfalls the new media era of Twitter, Facebook, and, ahem, Deadspin.

The first incident comes courtesy of Saint Tebow, who said on many occasions he's stopped to take a photo with a seemingly wholesome young girl, but then the fiendish lass would lift up her shirt as soon as he comes into frame. And get this — the mother was the one taking the cell phone pic as her crafty daughter attempted to tarnish his image.

"It's happened four or five times. Most of the time I just dive out of the picture. Some people can just be crazy."


Crazy like a boobie-showing fox!

Oklahoma's Sam Bradford and Texas' Colt McCoy have also had unfortunate run-ins with aggressive autograph seekers. Everything from baby heads to baby diapers to (yes) more boobs get shoved in the faces of these men and they just want to play football, be normal and spend Saturday nights at P.F. Chang's without being hassled. McCoy also uses the word "crazy" to describe some of his run-ins.

"It's just crazy that you run into people like that," McCoy said.

It's super-duper crazy.

Then some asshole who edits a snide sports website chimes in with his precious thoughts about the state of media and the modern athlete. Time to get enlightened:

"Social networking has put a lot of this out there. I think people are still under the impression that those sites are like the diary under the bed. They're not."

What a dick.

College Stars Run for Cover From Fans' Cameras [NYT]


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