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Your Best Pool Basketball Dunks: Trampoline Edition

Yesterday we brought you what we dubbed the Greatest Pool Basketball Dunk of All Time. Then we were sent one that might've been even better. Now? The field is wide open.


We put out a call asking you to send in your pool basketball videos, and you didn't disappoint. The video above, from reader Mike and his friends—"Pool Penetration 2: Double Penetration"—features everything from trampolines to multi-ball dunks to soccer moves to pool skimmers.

Commenter Kirkles passed along the above highlight reel, which made the rounds a few years ago. It wins the award for Pool Dunk Video Most Likely To Have Ended In A Fractured Skull.

Joseph sent over his own friends' highlight reel, featuring a rarity in the world of Rube Goldberg Pool Dunks—girls.

Brendan offers up a few of his own:

And Ian dug this one up off of Youtube:

Please keep sending us your pool basketball videos. And don't kill yourselves. We'll be here, being jealous, counting down the days until you have to go back to school.

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