Your College Basketball TV Schedule And Open Thread

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Sadly, no Marshall Henderson or Victor Oladipo today (Henderson will be on ESPN3 against LSU at 1:30, if you don't mind the small screen), but click on Georgetown down there to get pumped for another virtuoso Otto Porter solo, and watch for some new guys today to irrationally pin your hopes on during the tournament this year. Hey, if Steph Curry can get Davidson into the Sweet 16, why can't...(quickly scans rosters)...Reggie Johnson lead Miami to the Final Four?


All times EST, schedule via.

Top 25

12:00 PM (17) Syracuse at (5) Georgetown | ESPN

12:00 PM (11) Florida at Kentucky | CBS

12:00 PM UAB at (25) Memphis | CBS Sports Network

1:30 PM (9) Kansas State at (13) Oklahoma State

1:30 PM La Salle at (16) Saint Louis | NBC Sports Network

2:00 PM (15) Marquette at St. John's | ESPN

2:00 PM (20) Pittsburgh at DePaul

2:00 PM (23) UCLA at Washington | CBS

2:30 PM (19) Oregon at Utah | Pac-12 Networks

2:30 PM Clemson at (6) Miami (FL) | ESPN3

4:00 PM (24) Notre Dame at (8) Louisville | CBS


4:30 PM Arizona State at (18) Arizona | Fox Sports Net National

6:00 PM (12) New Mexico at Air Force

6:00 PM (4) Kansas at Baylor | ESPN


9:00 PM Loyola Marymount vs (1) Gonzaga | ESPN2

9:00 PM (3) Duke at North Carolina | ESPN


Other Nationally Televised Games

2:00 PM North Carolina State at Florida State | ESPN2

2:00 PM Lehigh at Lafayette | CBS Sports Network

3:30 PM San Diego State at Boise State | NBC Sports Network

4:00 PM Missouri at Tennessee | ESPN

4:30 PM Army at Bucknell | CBS Sports Network

5:30 PM Cornell at Harvard | NBC Sports Network

6:30 PM Xavier at Butler | CBS Sports Network

8:30 PM Nevada at Colorado State | CBS Sports Network

Feel free to yak below, and we'll link back to the schedule before the evening games start up.