Not a big fan of America and/or papists? Army playing Notre Dame in Yankee Stadium must be infuriating. But I love America. And I was raised Catholic. So save your godless enemies of the state hate for someone else.

Or, just watch one of these games instead:
ā€¢ Arkansas at Mississippi State
ā€¢ Missouri at Iowa State
ā€¢ Nebraska at Texas A&M
ā€¢ Oklahoma at Baylor
ā€¢ Houston at Southern Miss

Bonus coverage:
ā€¢ For the compulsive gambler, last game on the board is San Jose State at Hawaii . But will the home team win by more than 29? That's for you to decide.
ā€¢ For fans who just look for bouncing ladies in the stands ...


ā€¢ And finally, for those into seeing Boise State fans in blackface ...

Salūtātiō, patriots!