Your Comments Will Now Be Judged Differently

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Yes. I know. Who's excited about a change in the commenting system? YAY. But, this time, I think you'll find these new additions helpful in your quest to become a commenting superstar. Pickle?

Now, moderators/ninjas can be even more vigilant and fair with your shitty comments. We'll have the ability to warn you, suspend you for a week, and, of course, kick you out for continued idiocy if we so choose.



Also, if those options are too severe for a particular comment, we can just move it on over to a different thread altogether. For example, if you start threadjacking, your comment will be moved to #threadjackcity. If you say something lame, it goes to #lame. If it's off topic, #offtopic. Also, if you just do something completely preposterous, the moderator can move the conversation to its own specific area, like, #hineyholeisland or whatever. But beware — no one wants to go to #hineyholeisland, because you'll probably never return.

If you get banned for a week, a message should pop up and let you know about it. If not, it's a glitch in the system that will be fixed.


Thanks for your continued support of Deadspin. Now try not to do anything awful in the next five minutes.