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In effort to save you the time that it takes to both find and decipher the NBC Olympics schedule while trying to figure out which events are even worth watching, we've created our own (better) daily schedule of Olympic events. All events are listed in Eastern Daylight Time (no math) at the time that they actually occur (no primetime delay) with occasional links to live streams (no googling). Medal events will be bolded. Go ahead, watch at work. We probably value your time more than your boss does anyway.

1:00 PM - Fencing: WOMEN - Individual Foil: semi-finals, bronze medal match, gold medal match, victory ceremony


1:30 PM - Badminton: MEN+WOMEN - Singles, Doubles: preliminaries. Mixed Doubles: preliminaries

2:00 PM - Table Tennis: MEN - Singles: round 1 WOMEN - Singles: round 2

2:30 PM - Handball: Women's preliminaries (2 matches)

2:30 PM - Swimming: MEN - 100m Breaststroke: semi-finals. 400m Freestyle: final, victory ceremony. 400m Individual Medley: final, victory ceremony.

2:30 PM - Swimming: WOMEN - 100m Butterfly: semi-finals. 400m Individual Medley: final, victory ceremony. 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay: final, victory ceremony.

2:45 PM - Football: WOMEN - Preliminaries (2 matches)

3:00 PM - Basketball: WOMEN - Preliminaries (2 games)

3:00 PM - Beach Volleyball: MEN+WOMEN - Preliminaries (4 matches)

3:00 PM - Gymnastics (Artistic): MEN - Qualification

3:00 PM - Volleyball: Women's preliminaries (2 matches)

3:30 PM - Boxing: MEN - Bantam Weight (56kg): round of 32. Middle Weight (75kg): round of 32


For a handy master schedule of every Olympic event, click here.

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