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Your Divisional Playoffs Open Thread

Baltimore at Denver, 4:30 p.m. (CBS): It'll be cold and probably lopsided, but the first thing might negate the second thing, so who knows. It'll also either be the last game of Ray Lewis's career or the last game of Peyton Manning's much-ballyhooed comeback season, so there are good schadenfreude options all around.


Green Bay at San Francisco, 8 p.m. (Fox) : Projected to be a close game, and one of those games that looks good pretty much no matter what because of the franchises involved. Particularly because of the way home-field advantage worked out, it seems almost dead even—Green Bay has a better offense, San Francisco a better defense, and all the measurables appear well-matched—so it'll probably be a horrible, ugly blowout and you'll end up drinking your way through it, if that wasn't the plan already.

Yak below, and we'll link back when the second game starts up.

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