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Your Early Round Pants Party Winners

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You might remember last week, when Tiger Woods was shaking his Hootie thing around these parts. Well, we promised then that we had five versions of that thar video game to give away to the top five finishers in Pants Party League, and now we're here to pay up.


First off, congrats to the top five people, as of last night's imaginary game. There was a tie for three of the spots, so we arbitrarily chose as a tiebreaker "highest individual week score." You can yell at us if you want.

• Joey Lawrence (J. Cullen)
• I'm A Combat Vet (D. Armitage)
• Papa Pearson's Pigskin (R. Pearson)
• Alabama Leprechauns (B. Tague)
• Touchdown My Pants (G. Breunlin)

So, if you're among those five, send us your addresses, and the Gawker Media minions will send out your games. And everybody else, keep playing, because we'll probably end up with other people who will give us crap that we won't play and therefore won't have much else to do with.

Hey, Anybody Hear Anything About Tiger Woods? [Deadspin]

(UPDATE: A note from the clubhouse leader, the unfortunately named Joe Cullen:

Incidentally, there's a lot riding on this competition for my 'squad.' As you can see, my name is Joe Cullen. This has not been an easy year for those of us with the name Joe Cullen. Imagine my surprise a few weeks back when I first read the item on your website about a certain Detroit Lions coach who enjoys driving through fast food eateries while nude and intoxicated. He's shaming the Joe Cullen name for all Joe Cullen's world-wide. If I can win this Pigskin Pickem, perhaps I can restore some pride to the Joe Cullen dynasty.)


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