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Your Feeble Skills Are No Match For This Man

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On Sunday in New York, Tyler Hinman successfully completed the puzzle shown above to capture his fourth straight American Crossword Puzzle Tournament championship, which makes him the Tiger Woods of crossword puzzles, according to one writer. But more importantly, what's a 'wisesupto?' Is that three words? What are the freakin' rules here?


Of course the best part of the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament is that it's the only competitive activity around that ESPN has not yet seized in its bony talons. Although it might be fun to watch Mike & Mike host it.

Over the weekend, various competitors wondered aloud why ESPN hadn't yet picked up coverage of this event. After all, they air Scrabble and the spelling bee, why not crosswords? Probably because for a spectator, the first seven rounds of the ACPT are very, very boring. People file into a ballroom to work silently on a crossword. As they finish, they raise their hands and skulk out. Sure, the format could be reworked for TV, ginned up with intensive editing and post-production, but it would destroy the homey feel of the affair. As a CNN marketing producer who flew up from Atlanta for the competition remarked, "I like that it's not polished. It's not quite together."

GREENBERG (studying sheet): "Hey, what's a eight-letter word for work break?
GOLIC: (accidentally stabs self with No. 2 pencil).

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