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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Supposedly there are more fellows playing in this game, going by the names of Bush, Peterson, Brees and others. That's not what I hear. All I hear is Favre Favre Favre.


With 20 years in the league, Favre's sure to have a subplot no matter who he's facing. But this week has provided an especially low-hanging fruit. See, I don't know if you heard, but Favre's from Mississippi. Specifically, Kiln, MS, a Gulf Coast town solidly in Saints territory that's found itself split this week. Father against son, husband against wife.

Like Albert Necaise and Ninon Peterson up there. Albert's not actually a Viking, I don't think, though the article does say that the two met when he killed a 300-pound boar and needed Ninon's oven to help cook it.


These are the types of human interest stories you get with Favre. Do you like them? I sure hope so. He only played his first playoff game this time last week, and with a Vikings win, it will be two more weeks until the Super Bowl. It could have been two weeks of Favre against his former team. Instead it would be two weeks of two of the three most famous QBs of our generation.

Which isn't to say the easy angles won't be done to death if the Saints win. The new Greatest Show on Turf. Reggie Bush, fulfilling the hype. And of course, Katrina and New Orleans.

Pick your poison.

Favre's hometown is torn this week [Page 2]


And that's that for that. Follow the game in the comments, and we'll be here tomorrow with the trenchant insight you'd expect from trained chimps.


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