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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Yet again, a weak slate of games. So, here are four somewhat-relevant questions for amusement purposes only...


Is booing the New York Giants like booing soldiers returning home from Iraq, like "bigmouth" Antrel Rolle seems to think it is? [New York Daily News]

Is the fact that someone who quite possibly might be Tennessee Titan Chris Johnson wore an Eagles jersey at an Eagles game in an Eagles box the other night mean he'll compete with LeSean McCoy and Michael Vick for carries in Philly next year?


Is the Denver Broncos franchise really going down in flames, with head coach Josh McDaniels "in trouble," as the Denver Post posits today?

And has Aaron Rodgers made Green Bay totally forget about his predecessor when tipster Kathryn S. writes...

My parents live in Green Bay and hate Brett Favre because he is selfish and hates kids but they love Aaron Rodgers because he is humble and loves kids (for now).

Someone from the Packer organization called this guy at the Boys & Girls Club and told him to bring 75 kids from the Boys and Girls Club to the new bowling alley in Howard and they would get soda, pizza and free bowling. They got a second call upping the amount of kids to 100.

When they all got there, there were about 15 Packers players there to visit and bowl with them.

When they were done, all the kids were each given $100 to go to Shopko for Christmas shopping, accompanied by the Packer players.

And it was all funded by Aaron Rodgers. There was no publicity, no television cameras. We are lucky to have him in Green Bay.

Oh, Soulja Boy plays the Washington Redskins today, Chris Johnson faces the Jacksonville Jaguars, McDaniels travels to Kansas City and Rodgers hosts San Francisco.

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