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Your NFL Early Games Viewing Guide

It has been strange and sad at times, but week 13 continues. Let's see what is going on around the league.

Carolina at Kansas City (FOX): This will be a weird one. Drew wrote how it's probably all right this game is being played and I'm on board with that. I would have been on board had it not been played. I don't think it makes much of a difference to anyone other than the Chiefs and Romeo Crennel. If they're OK with playing, that's good enough for me. Though according to Bart Hubbuch, that might not be the case. CBS also reported that the Chiefs players wanted to wear decals honoring Belcher and the front office said no. It's going to be a weird one.


Seattle at Chicago (FOX): Seattle is on the road this week—not good for Seattle—but they are playing in Chicago—kind of good for Seattle— where they have won two years in a row. NFL team turnover making this a largely inconsequential narrative, we turn now to injuries. The Bears have a lot. But they do have Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall. So they've got a chance. Also, again, Seattle stinks on the road—all five losses have been road games.

San Francisco at St. Louis (FOX): We can probably stop wondering aloud each week about this quarterback controversy. It's over. Colin Kaepernick is the 49ers quarterback. Despite singlehandedly allowing this story to persist, Jim Harbaugh has earned a reputation as a fiery, no-nonsense coach. So maybe he's getting a pass for all the bullshit he's feeding everyone.

"Both deserve it," Harbaugh said. "Alex over a long period of time, Colin by virtue of the last two games. What tips the scales is Colin we believe has the hot hand, and we'll go with Colin. And we'll go with Alex. Both are our guys."


Just stop it, Jim. "We'll go with Alex," my eye.

New England at Miami (CBS): The Patriots can clinch the division today with a win. It says less about the Patriot and more about the division, of course. The Patriots still have Tom Brady and can score seemingly at will but that is about it—or is it?

But the Pats specialize in takeaways, with 14 interceptions (6th in the NFL) and 18 fumbles recovered (most in the league). The Dolphins are fifth-worst in the NFL with 21 turnovers, and are 1-5 in games when they cough up the ball more than once.


about 16 of those turnovers came last week against the hapless Jets, so, pump the brakes on that one.

Arizona at New York Jets (FOX): Tim Tebow is inactive today so that means there's actually a chance we see a backup quarterback play for the Jets.


This is your 2012, Jets fans.

Indianapolis at Detroit (CBS): Just a reminder that Ed Reed was originally suspended for head hunting because he was deemed a repeat offender and Ndamakung Suh, was fined $30K and will be playing today.

"NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said Tuesday that a suspension wasn't handed down because a clear ruling couldn't be made on Suh's intent. It's a crazy play, it's one that unfortunately happened," Suh said. "... I was being dragged to the ground and my foot inadvertently hit the man.

"But it's over with and I am moving forward and getting ready to play the Colts."


Maybe if players start suing the league for being infertile later in their life, the league will be able to divine intent from Suh's actions.

Minnesota at Green Bay (FOX): This game will go a long way in figuring out the NFC North. The Bears currently have a one game lead over the Packers, with the Vikings right on their heels. A win for Minnesota give them the same record, overall and in the division, as the Packers. Greg Jennings is set to return for the Packers and will be a welcome addition to an offense that has struggled since the dominance of last year.


Houston at Tennessee (CBS): This is, technically, a football game.

Jacksonville at Buffalo (CBS): Not even the gilded arm of Chad Henne can sell out Ralph Wilson Stadium. As such, this game will be blacked out in Buffalo and should be through most of the land.


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