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Look, guys: We didn't pick the Cardinals! (We still think they'll win the wild card.) Yes, our flirtation with the Brewers continues; we actually picked them to win the wild card at midseason last year. So there's that.


1. Milwaukee Brewers. Best pitching staff in the division, with potential for big power. We're scared.
2. St. Louis Cardinals. Everyone's concerned about the rotation, but we think that'll be fine; we're far more concerned about that, ugh, outfield.
3. Chicago Cubs. Seriously, they should just cut Wood and Prior right now. Everyone will feel better.
4. Houston Astros. We think this might be the worst Astros team of the last few years. We almost wanted to put them behind the Reds.
5. Cincinnati Reds. Boy, Ken Griffey has just been a godsend, hasn't he?
6. Pittsburgh Pirates. If we were more of a real man, we'd act on our hunch about this team. But we're not.

See? No Cardinals! No reverse jinx! Nope! Tell us what you think, if you're more of men and women than we are. And you are.

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