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Your Obligatory "Supple Wrist" Joke Before Your Obligatory Cheerleader Post

Todd MacCulloch is huge, the Wildcat in Cleveland, and the Lego Hand of God.

He Can't Feel His Face... Or His Feet: Todd MacCulloch has moved from his NBA career into the fast-paced and (often) electric world of competitive pinball. Also, apparently a killer house imitation. (Not the TV doctor.) [SPORTSbyBROOKS]


What, Henry Burriss Didn't Pick Up His Phone?: Can Cleveland just run a wildcat offense all game? It's not the worst idea in the world, considering the quarterback corps they're running out there this weekend. Finally, a team running an offense Eric Crouch is suited for! [Waiting for Next Year]

Lego FIFA '10 Has Unlockable Maradona Figure in His Current Shape: As an avowed Lego dork, we approve wholeheartedly of meticulously detailed football stadia made entirely from God's Own Building Block. [The Offside]

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