So a few more details seem to be emerging about the bizarre "Plaxico shot himself at a club" story. The New York Post is now reporting that the incident took place just after midnight on Friday at a club called Latin Quarter in Manhattan, while Plax was out on the town with teammate Antonio Pierce. I suggest you read the rest of the story with the Benny Hill theme playing in the background:

• Burress and Pierce were apparently approached by security guards looking for weapons. Burress admitted to having one, and moved to a secluded area near the club's VIP entrance to unload it.

• Burress then violated gun safety rule number...(checks rules), by unloading the gun with one hand while drinking a glass of wine with t'other. It was at this point that he bobbled the gun and it accidentally fired. Somewhat luckily, it seems, it only ended up hitting him in the leg.

• Pierce apparently dropped Plax off at the hospital at 2:00 a.m., and then immediately got the hell out of there. As the Post also points out, what was Plax doing in the intervening two hours between shooting himself and getting dropped off at the hospital? Trying to walk it off?

• Plaxico was already listed as "out" for today's game against Washington. His status has now been downgraded to "super out".


Meanwhile, witnesses reported seeing a somber Michael Moore leaving a picture of Plaxico at Charlton Heston's gravesite.

Update: The New York Daily News is telling a bit of a different story. They say the gun didn't go off while Burress was unloading it, but rather when it slipped down his pant leg while he was walking. They also say that Pierce did not drive Plax to the hospital (his wife and her friend did), but that Pierce initially attempted to hide the gun from police by stashing it "somewhere in New Jersey". Both men may be facing criminal charges, but Pierce will be playing against Washington today.

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