Your Profanity-Laced Tirades Will Now Be Taken Under Advisement

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So: For those of you concerned, upset, distraught, FURIOUS, over the new commenting policy there's an email box for you to send those fiery


I understand some of you are upset over this but I assure you that it's not going to be as life-altering or site-ending as some of you are making it out to be. This is being put in place because some of you — not all of you — kind of abused the privilege.

To put some hard-line rules on this would be, in my opinion, a little counter-productive and not at all helpful at this point when we're figuring this stuff out. So if you get banned and you have no idea why, or absolutely 100% feel this is a completely wrong-headed oversight on the part of the commenting committee, then please refer to the Comment Complaint line outlined above.


This is not being done to deter negative comments about the site, the writers, or anything of that nature — you're all entitled to your opinions and many of you (okay — FOUR) have already emailed those along to me. Thanks.

I know some of you don't see it that way right now, but this is all being done for the betterment of the site in the long run. Just hang in.

Oh, one more thing: Yes, there will still be a DUAN!

And, honestly, who doesn't love the "Hurdy Gurdy Man?" That song's the best.