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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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So much for mighty North Carolina. And the Scheyer Face movement failed to topple Duke. Michigan State got Buckeye'd. And, hey, look — Binghamton is going dancing. Hide the women and children. And condoms.


Also, Purdue pooped all over the Illini, meaning one man is sitting in a hotel room in Florida wearing an orange construction helmet and crying. Oh, and Memphis somehow overcame the immensely talented teams in the Conference USA to win the title. And...plenty of other regional tournament games. Tomorrow, it all ends. Then it begins again.

Tonight: Syracuse goes for the Big East title against the seemingly unstoppable Louisville. If it goes into overtime, be sure to watch for Jonny Flynn's legs to fall off.

Tomorrow: Dash is here for Selection Sunday Countdown Madness. Plus, Sussman will reveal his diabolical plan to completely destroy the already shaky publishing system on Deadspin next Thursday and Friday.


Thank you for your continued support of Deadspin's continuing coverage of sled dog racing, Baghdad bass fishing, and the World Baseball Classic. Jesus.

Anyway, have fun tonight. I sure as fuck am.


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