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Your Tickets Have Been Steam Dried

We will confess to being regular users of StubHub. (They are not a sponsor, honest.) It's a little expensive, but it's almost always worth it; it certainly impressed our parents when they came to visit. During past trips to Shea Stadium, our seats were somewhere in Staten Island.

They're pretty reliable, too ... unless, of course, a steam pipe explodes in New York City. In which case, according to a reader, you're screwed.

I'm sure that you are aware of the massive hole in the ground on 41st st. But i wasn't sure if you realized how this affects the casual sports fan. I got a call from stubhub this morning telling me that the tickets I had purchased for todays Yankee game were stuck in their office on 41st and Lexington, and were there to stay. They told me they refunded over 200 tickets for the game. Never thought that a steam pipe explosion could affect so many sports fans.


We're just glad this didn't happen this day. Kordell would still be crying.

On The Scene At The Grand Central Explosion [Wired]

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