You can always tell how Kevin Costner's career is going by how much he remembers he "loves the beautiful game of baseball." When he was stalling in the late '90s, he tried to recapture the Bull Durham-Field Of Dreams magic with For The Love Of The Game, a movie so dull and torpid that you'd never believe it was directed by the Spider-Man and Evil Dead guy. Now that Costner's career has flat-lined โ€” he's got a new movie with Ashton Kutcher โ€” he's back again, making his first appearance at the famous Dyersville, Iowa baseball field where Field of Dreams was filmed. His "band" is even playing a "free" concert before the film is shown.

Returning to the 'Field of Dreams' location to play a concert ... has special meaning for me," Costner said in a news release. "The movie was significant in my career, and the band is an important part of my future."

Well, there's a quote with a lot of soul to it. Not that we don't mean to support Costner's "career," but we think it's helplessly cute that Costner's "band" โ€” which doesn't have a name โ€” is such a big part of his "future." Oh, and sorry: We love our dad and have even enjoyed a "catch" with him. But anyone who thinks Field Of Dreams is better than Bull Durham needs his/her head examined, if you ask us.

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