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You're Just Making Carlie Christine More Famous

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The Sacramento area cheerleading coach who was ratted out by members of her squad and fired for posing nude in Playboy has been named that magazine's Cyber Girl of the Month. Vindication!


Never say that Sacramento teens are not interested in speaking out on important issues. Casa Roble High School students were out in force over the weekend protesting for the return of their cheer coach, who was outed by members of the squad who had been disciplined for skipping practice. (Also please notice possibly the greatest headline ever written). But Carlie Christine — real name Carlie Beck — seems to have come out none the worse for wear in the controversy. Who would have thought that Playboy would have noticed the publicity this was getting and seized the opportunity to promote their site? Weird.

As part of her duties as Cyber Girl of the Month, Christine made a video in which she explains the whole mess, and invites those who got her fired to kiss her centerfold. Well, in a Miss America hope-for-world-peace kind of way.

"I was definitely very upset when I was terminated from my position," Christine said. "I loved my job there, I loved working with these girls. It was very unfortunate that the district decided to terminate me from my position.

"I have received an overwhelming amount of support both from people involved with Playboy as well as people who have never looked at Playboy before. Because of this support, I have decided to stay on board with Playboy, and I am happy to announce that I will be their Cyber Girl of the Month for June."

Here's the video. The link is safe for work, but further links from that page are not, in case you need that spelled out.

My question on the photo above: Where are the boys? At my high school there would have been a riot.

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