You're With Me, Star

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A Deadspin operative in Bristol sends us this photo from ESPN's new walk of fame. "Berman has his own star," the tipster writes, "and I think I saw Bob Ley spit on it as he walked to the ESPN Cafeteria."

Defacing aside — Daulerio himself claims to have ashed on the star during his brief time squiring Blazer Girl around the ESPN compound — it's about time ESPN got around to acknowledging Chris Berman's contributions. He has done so much for the network, and yet there are stretches when we go an entire week without seeing that clip of Berman running a fade route in Tampa. If it weren't for the fact that he lies atop ESPN like a 300-pound turd blanket, one might easily forget he was ever there.


Our tipster also writes:

I see you guys got a look inside the beast that is the Bristol Campus Compound. It's really just a collection of office buildings, many of the cubes go unused because you spend your time in a common room cutting highlights or the "newsroom" which is a giant clusterfuck.

Everyone that works in the newsroom was picked on as a child and is now trying to prove how "cool" they are working for ESPN.

Example: That douchebag's desk with the bobble heads... I am pretty sure I know who he is. Tall guy who wears his cowboy hat around campus being a douchebag. The guy gets incredibly loud walking around thinking he is friends with everyone. He's a loser and can eat a bag of dicks.

Anyway, thought I would send you the latest addition to the ESPN "Quad" ... a Walk of Fame. Just like Hollywood but with less hookers.


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