Youth Basketball League Founder Murdered During Trophy Ceremony

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In 2004, Miles Mack started a youth basketball league in part to "provide an alternate outlet to a sometimes dangerous environment." A noble effort, for sure. On Thursday night at a Philadelphia playground during a trophy presentation following a championship game, Mack was murdered. According to police reports, the 42-year-old Mack was an innocent bystander and not the intended target of the two shooters who are still on the loose. It's believed the shooting was unrelated to the youth league event.

The league, the Xtra Miles Developmental Basketball League, sought to provide children with positive role models and to help youth live up to their potential, according to the site. Besides basketball equipment, the league provided players with information on college, jobs and drug prevention, according to the site. "Mr. Mack lost his life trying to sponsor some constructive activity for young people, and that's what makes this even more unfortunate," Ross said.

In addition to organizing the league, Mack coached one of the teams known as "10 Deep" and was an avid fan of the Philadelphia Eagles and writing poetry. Earlier this week A.J. linked to the horrible video of a psycho SEPTA hammer attack, then an 84-year-old woman was raped and murdered on Sunday, now this tragic death of a man described as a "pillar of the community." Excuse my language, but what the fuck is wrong with people? Image via flickr 2 killed in Philadelphia basketball court shooting [AP] Two dead, four injured in W. Phila playground shooting [Philadelphia Inquirer]